1.5m / 1.8m Food Cooling Showcase (SSG-1500/ SSG-1800)

    Fan Cooling

Item NO.: SSG-1500/ SSG-1800

Product Description

Product Features

1. Components: Imported French Tecumseh compressor,201 stainless steel
2. Glass: Tempered glass with transparent conducting films (ITO glass)
3. Refrigeration: Two evaporators, double duct system,  lowest temperature:-15℃
4. Pan:1/4GN and 1/2GN European standard trays. 
5. Barreled ice cream brackets .Max diameter:24cm,max depth:24cm

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 SSG-1500        SSG-1800  Food Cooling Showcase Dimension

     1500*1000*1260mm          1800*1000*1260mm    

Power 650W/750W
Refrigerant R134a        
Temperature Range -22℃
Cooling Type Fan Cooling
Material Glass, Steel
*High Density Foam Insulation
*With LED Light